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The coronavirus emergency has had a negative impact on Milan's retail property sector, driving up the number of vacant sites in the city. According to a recent report by the Italian Retail Federation, there are more than 1,000 empty shops in Milan alone.

The Italian real estate sector has been shaken in this context by a €1 billion transaction involving UBI Banca, the leading private equity firm in Italy with a stake in the city's retail sector. At the same time, it sold 7 properties in Milan to a company managed by COIMA for a total of 2 billion euros.

At the same time, York bought four residential complexes in Vittoria Assicurazioni, which completed the entire transaction. In the second - buying in two months - Allianz bought an office building in Rome for a total of 1.5 billion euros, followed by the sale of a 2.4 billion euro office complex in the city to a private equity firm.

Before you start looking for a rental property in Milan, take advice from Nestpick - we have a wide selection of apartments for rent in Milan and you will find properties at any price. Milan - Lionard Luxury Real Estates, based in Milan, is looking for a luxury penthouse in the heart of Milan, which also houses an office building, a hotel and an apartment complex.

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Are you planning to rent a little less than a thermal spa after your arrival in Milan or to find an apartment for rent here after your arrival? If you plan to rent a spa a little less than a week before you arrive in Milan, do you have to plan?

Property prices in Milan vary from location to location and often require personal enquiries. There are a lot of real estate agents in Milan, most of whom charge a fee of 10 percent of the value of your property for fees. In Milan, as in other cities, you will find your share of unethical individuals, but in the majority there are good landlords. If you are looking to buy property in Milan, please find out about the offer and ask yourself about the price, location, location and type of property.

Italy Sotheby's International Realty clients can expect personal attention from their real estate agent. In search of the perfect historical estate we recommend the residential areas of Cadorna, Conciliazione and Sempione. Meanwhile, the terre - pierced Piazza della Repubblica is a great centre for cultural tourism, based on carefully selected investments.

Bicocca is home to the University of Milan and is a good choice for academics and students who want to rent an apartment in Milan. Milan has 20% of all foreign students in Italy, which is more than half of the total student population of the city of 1.5 million.

A secure platform that allows easy access to Milan real estate and a wide range of services and services in the city.

A secure platform that allows easy access to Milan real estate and a wide range of services and services in the city, such as online shopping, online banking and online brokerage services.

This summer, the Milanese are spending their holidays around the world - on the famous Lake Como and Lake Garda, both of which are actually for sale. This luxurious lakeside villa with five bedrooms will set buyers apart from the rest of the Milan market and offer stunning views of the city and the lake itself. Find out more about the luxury villas for sale on the Milan real estate site and for more information about the property.

Also known as Milan Cathedral, the cathedral dominates the historic city centre, where you will be delighted by the breathtaking views of the city and its famous skyline. This stunning luxury penthouse is located in the heart of Milan, just a few blocks from the Duomo and the main shopping area.

The city is particularly famous as a centre for fashion and design, where some of the world's most prestigious fashion shows take place, such as Milan Fashion Week and the Fashion Institute of Technology. Today, it is one of the 10 most important cities in Italy for business and offers a wealth of business opportunities.

Please also note that CGT Italy is entitled as long as the property has been owned for more than 5 years and the property is located on the land where the units were built. Some of the most sought after luxury properties in Milan are those with a hidden green garden, located in the city centre or in a private park. There is also a wide range of options for renting a property in Milan, from private apartments to private villas and commercial properties. In addition to being the centre of a business centre in Italy and one of the most important cities for business and investment in Italy, owning a property in Milan also offers opportunities to enjoy culture, including a variety of restaurants, bars, shops, hotels, restaurants and restaurants, as well as a range of entertainment options.

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