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The much-rumoured purchase of the San Siro by the Italian Football League (Serie A) is unlike any other acquisition of a sports team we have seen. Italian Football League and could soon be owned by one of Italy's most successful sports teams, Juventus. The deal, which is said to have been negotiated between the club's president and Juventus owner Gianluca Di Marzio, is reportedly worth more than $1.5 billion.

The club has spent almost its entire history at the top - in the league of Italian football, as one of the most successful clubs in Serie A and the second largest in Europe. The club itself is not only the most famous football club in the world, but was also home to stars such as Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Juventus and FC Juventus.

Roma, founded in the late 1920s, played all but one season of top-flight Italian football throughout their lives. The club survived the separation and the players formed one of the most successful clubs in Serie A history and the second largest in Europe. Roma had a great career, winning three Serie B titles, two Champions League titles and two Serie C titles. Lazio won the Italian Cup three times, the UEFA Cup once and the UEFA Youth League once, and became champions twice (1974 and 2000).

The late win completed the previously impossible Italian treble of seasons, winning the Coppa Italia and Scudetto in the same season, as well as the UEFA Champions League and Supercoppa play-offs.

If you want to attend a football match in Italy, you must bring your ID card. If you think that's true outside Italy, you have to get a ticket and go with other Juve fans. That's my tip, but I think it applies across Italy: if you go, you get tickets and you get ripped off.

Italian football, or football as we call it, dates back hundreds of years and is one of the most popular ways to watch football matches in Italy. Italian football and if you like it, check out our Italian site on Offside soccer blog. Read on to learn more about why Italian sports fans are among the most dedicated in the world.

The Italian Football Federation, known as Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio (FIGC), was founded in 1898. Italian football and founded his first national team, the Italian Football League (FNL).

The stadium was renamed the Giuseppe Meazza Stadium in honour of the great Italian striker, who played briefly for AC Milan but spent most of his career at Inter. It is the third largest in Italian football and hosts Serie A, Serie B and Serie C.

This competition is therefore not for those who want to watch Italian football matches in Italy. Don't miss a thing: Read on to follow the action in Serie A, get the live stream of AC Milan v Juventus, follow Italian football from all over the world.

Football TV previews are provided regularly, as can be found in our Football TV Preview section on the right of this page and also on our Serie A match preview page.

The Italian professional sports club Societa Sportiva Lazio (also known as "Lazio"), based in Rome, is a professional football club from the city of Rome in Italy. The club's home matches are played at the Olympic Stadium, the football stadium that is home to AC Milan and Internazionale, making it the largest stadium in the country. Roma play their home games at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, home of Serie A club Roma FC.

If you are a football fan, Italy is probably one of the best countries to visit if you have to. You would struggle - you would be forced to find a better place in the world to play football than in Italy, and Milan is particularly good. In fact, many people come from all over the world to play football in Italy. The Squadra Azzurra is very prestigious with a number of international stars such as Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Luis Figo, Andrea Pirlo and many others.

The rich tradition of football in Europe is fascinating, even if the USA affectionately call it football. In many countries, this sport is a national passion, but football is by far the most popular sport in Italy, and more than 4,363,000 people play it every year.

Milan is also a city for cycling enthusiasts, whether you are a cycling enthusiast or not. The Velodrom Vigorelli is known in Italy for its cycling track, which is also home to the most famous cycling team in the world, the Milan-San Remo Cycling Club.

The Vipers of Milan are the sports leaders in Italy, having won the Serie A, Serie B and Serie C championships and are also the top players in all sports in the world. The Tennis Club of Milan hosts the Italian Tennis Tournaments, one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments in Italy. It is the most important youth tournament in the world, where some of the best young tennis players in Europe play, such as Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova and Angelique Kerber, as well as many other world class players. Serie A is a top-flight football league, with the winner receiving the Scudetto and the Coppa Campioni d'Italia.

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